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Every Wednesday and Friday, starting 19:30 CEST to 22:30 CEST, participate in unique campaigns and operations created by our in-house mission team.

Become a TFL Special Forces Candidate by joining the Discord  (click link above) and following the steps presented to you. After, you'll be taken through the (basic) training needed to become a skilled Operator in our Unit.

Find information about the different roles in our unit by clicking on 'Role' in the menu above , pick your favourite and select it when applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Unit are you?

TF Legion is an Arma 3 Mil-Sim Unit portraying the "Green Berets” U.S. Army Special Forces, as well as the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

What kind of operations can I expect in the TFL?

Ranging from Air Assaults & HALO jumps to diving & undercover insertion methods, our mission team create unique Campaigns with realistic storylines. From fast-paced gameplay to “Easy does it” stealth scenario’s, there is a big variety every week depending on the campaign setting. 

When do you play your operations?
Task Force Legion conducts operations every Wednesday and Friday starting from 19:30 to 22:30 Central European  Time.​

How do I connect to your TeamSpeak 3 (TS3) Server?
The official TeamSpeak Website has a great guide that will help you join our TS3 server. You can find the tutorial by clicking this text. 

Why do I have to do training before joining your operations?
In order to successfully run with the Detachments (Teams) in-game smoothly it is vital you are up to speed with how we operate. This is for all parties involved more beneficial as you & your fellow players can thoroughly enjoy the game even more if you are properly aware of what is expected of you. 

I’m completely new to ArmA (Mil-Sim). Is this unit open for players like me?
To an extent. Just because our skill level is high doesn’t mean you already need to have a high skill level to join. However, we do expect you to know the basics of the ArmA game (excluding Modded ArmA). Our ​basic training program is tailored to get you fully up-to-speed on the basics of ArmA Modded mil-sim in your own tempo. After you’ve completed the Basic Training you’ll be able to go through our SF Qualification Course with a number of our experienced Unit Members who will teach you our tactics and SOPs in a relaxed environment.

I’m a very experienced Arma player. Can I skip some of the training?
Absolutely. Since ArmA has been out for many years we’ve specifically developed our training program to be modular to suit veterans. For experienced players the basic training will take approx. 15 minutes and will suffice as a technical checkup for your modpack.

After the basic training you are however expected to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course. Here you will be trained the more advanced systems & tactics we use in our Special Forces environment. Again, the more experienced you are the faster you’ll complete your SF QC!

What kind of roles can I fill in your Unit?

​First of all, every member of the unit holds a specialized role and is trained in multiple, as variety is deemed important for a long and enjoyable stay. Secondly, for information about the different roles in our unit visit the ‘Roles’ page (see the menu above). Note that some of the roles aren’t on this list such as leadership roles or Jet Pilots. These roles are reserved for senior members.

Where can I find out more about the unit?

On the ‘Media’ page (see the menu above) you can get a great impression of our unit. In the roles page you can view our different in-game roles.
n the Ranks page you can view what sort of ranks you can expect to see within our Unit.

If you have specific questions that aren’t in this FAQ you are always welcome to join our TeamSpeak3 server for a direct chat (preferred) or (alternatively) our Discord server where you are bound to get a response within a couple hours if not earlier. There, you can message anyone currently online and ask your questions.

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