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Leadership Courses & Qualifications

The Task Force Legion Leadership Courses & Qualifications provide a method for both new and veteran members to learn and develop their skills, both in-game as personally, that are either a nice addition to their toolkit or required for the rank/billet they are looking to fill in the (near-)future.

Scroll down and see what each course and qualification entails, as well as the requirements to be obtained for following.


Leadership Courses

Ranger School:

The TFL Ranger School was created to ensure a moment of skill measure for relatively new unit members but experienced/skilled Arma 3 players within TF Legion. The 'school' dares you to learn and apply the more advanced infantry skill and is specifically suited to enhance the individual's ability to perform in-game tasks that were previously seen as 'MOS-Specific', which can in turn help in emergency situations where a leadership figure is not always present or is possibly wounded and not able to command or call in support etc. Upon completing the RS you are eligible to be promoted to the rank of SSG



Warrior Leadership Course

In order to get you prepared for a leadership position in the unit you have to start at obtaining the rank of Sergeant First Class. Inside a SF Detachment, the Sergeant First Class (SFC) is one of the most experienced operators, typically a specialist in his role for months within the unit. Not only do you resemble what an experienced Operator is like as an SFC, you also (automatically) are part of the Chain of Command in the absence of the Assistant Detachment Commander and other senior members, if necessary and applicable. 


In order to become a OSUT instructor or MOS instructor we expect a certain attitude from you that resembles what we as a Unit stand for.






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Advanced Leadership Course (ALC)

The Advanced Leadership Course covers the fundamentals of becoming a SGM (Sergeant Major) or WO1 (Warrant Officer) and prepares you to become a commander in the unit in the future.

As a Sergeant Major you are one of the, if not the, most experienced enlisted member in the unit. It is the highest rank of the Non-Commissioned Officers.

As a Warrant Officer you are the bridge between the NCO's and the Officers. As you should be/are well aware: Inside a SF Detachment, the WO is the 2IC of the Detachment Commander. 



SF Officer School (SF OS) & SF Officer Assessment Course (SF OAC)

The Special Forces Officer School and its adjacent SF OAC contains the final leadership training in the unit to prepare you to become a Commissioned Officer and, typically, become a Detachment Commander in the unit. This training comes paired with a hefty responsibility, but is also the most challenging. The expectation to perform is always there. The attitude is of importance. The core of the leadership of the unit.

As a CO, you are expected to be able to lead the entire unit when HQ is not available. Therefore, you’ll be trained accordingly and will receive a lengthy training period and assessment if deemed necessary. More information can be found by clicking the buttons below.






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