18B Weapons Sergeant

Special Forces Weapons Sergeants are capable of operating and maintaining a wide variety of United States, allied and foreign weaponry. They utilize the made-to-be suppresive weapons of the detachments, as well as take responsibility for taking out enemy armor with specialized weaponry.

18C Engineer Sergeant

Special forces engineer sergeants are specialists across a wide range of disciplines, from demolitions and constructions of field fortifications to general field EOD taskings. They are also the pointmen of the team, leading the way and setting the paths.

18D Medical Sergeant

Special forces medical sergeants are considered to be the finest first-response/trauma medical technicians in the world. See the video below for more information regarding it's role in the unit.

18E Communcations Sergeant

Special forces communications sergeants are the link between the ground forces, Air forces and the higher echelon. They coordinate air-strikes, air assaults and tactical actions between detachments.

18M Marksman Operator

The SF Marksman is a operator who utilizes the medium ranged weaponry at his disposal to assist his team. A Marksman excels in eliminating multiple enemy's with a deadly precision and is trained in a high variety of weaponry & techniques to do so.
This role is not actually in a SF ODA, but created specifically for in-game experience.

18R Drone Operator

The Drone Operator is the eyes in the sky for the detachment on the ground. Deploying & utilizing the Raven UAV during missions, whilst also being a operator at the same time, helps the team maintain situational awareness at all times and helps plan the best approach for a variety of objectives.
This role is not actually in a SF ODA, but created specifically for in-game experience.

18S Sniper

The SF Sniper is secondary MOS role which is utilized when needed to support the ODA(s) during deployment. They operate purely in support of the ODAs objective. The sniper role, as spectaculair as it may sound, can be very stale at times. But do not forget that it's engagement capabilities are unmatched in comparison to the other systems used in the ODA.

153W Rotary Wing Aviator

Operates and commands aircraft under tactical and non-tactical conditions. Operates aircraft during all types of meteorological conditions during the day, night, and under night vision systems. Performs all military aircraft operations (e.g., reconnaissance, security, gunnery, rescue, air assault, mine/flare delivery, internal/external load, and paradrop/rappelling operations).